Just The Facts

Mark 15:1-15

For Mark it’s - Just the facts, Ma’am! His story of Jesus is fast-paced action.

Immediately is a favorite word in Mark. Jesus has come to teach and to do. Mark simply records it – barebones!

His is a practical man’s version of Jesus’ life. For those who appreciate economy of word and a sense of urgency. Mark leaves it to preachers and poets to dress it up if they must.

In Mark’s gospel Jesus is on the loose! God has become a man and Mark does not strain to put Him on paper!

Get the facts about Jesus out there and let the truth do its own work in people’s hearts!

We understand this about Mark and still we are surprised with the rapid, matter-of-fact way he records these last most important hours of Jesus.

Even here, he doesn’t slow down. Jesus has come to do something and He does!

Mark faithfully and hurriedly brings us along. Jesus is the main character and everyone else - Pilate, Barabbas, chief priests, elders, and the crowd - is just supporting cast on the way to the final scene!

We are thankful for Mark’s account of Jesus. And maybe it should become our favorite?

Mark’s brevity forces us to think between the lines. This is best because Jesus can never be completely reduced to ink and paper!

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  1. Very interesting. As I was reading I was waiting for Pilot to wash his hands and claim innocence. Which Mark doesn't record.

    I was thinking that though Pilot claimed innocence, he wasn't. He could have released Jesus, and didn't.

    Many people today try to "wash their hands" of Jesus as well.

    They aren't necessarily "against" Him but won't stand up for Him, either. Many Think, "I'll live a good life and be just fine." The problem is, we can't "wash our hands" and claim innocence. We are either for or against Him.

    In what ways do we fail to stand up for the Teacher?