So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, “'We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.”

Here the Teacher says that even if we were able to do everything God commands – an obvious impossibility – we would still be unworthy.

Does this tempt us to give up? Far from it!

In a higher sense, every human being is already worthy. God says so. We are made in His image.

The death of Jesus on the cross says so too. By dying for the sins of the whole world, Jesus says most dramatically – I think you all are of such inestimable value that I will give my life for you!

The death of Jesus settles the question of our worth for all time and eternity!

But Jesus makes it clear that even if we could do everything God commands we could not become worthy because of that. We could not stand before God and say that He is now in our debt and must accept us into eternal fellowship.

That’s because even perfectly keeping all the commands does not bring us to the level of God’s perfection. Does not put us in a position that would allow us to say to God – Now we deserve to be with You!

No, that only comes because of God’s love for us. And it is His love that settles the question of our ultimate worth.

Judged by our deeds we are unworthy. But we are worthy because He says so in the sending of Jesus to die for us. That’s the reason we strive to please Him. Why we want to be good students of the Teacher!

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  1. The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!"

    So he tells them they are unworthy servants.
    How exactly does that help? realizing as Denny mentioned - we can not be good enough on our own. We cannot earn salvation.

    So what now? Have faith that God will do what he says - and offer forgiveness and salvation and grace to those who believe and follow.

    Almost seems contradictory at first, but it makes sense. If we can't attain salvation on our own merrit, we must rely on God's grace - which takes faith.

    How much do we really trust?
    How great is our faith?
    In what ways could it be increased?