Finally, brothers, pray…and pray…

Jesus’ life was filled with prayer. Another word for communication with His Heavenly Father!

He prayed often, sometimes all night. Other times He seemed to be in a constant state of communication with the Father. Interrupting his conversations with others to address God directly in the moment!

Prayer can and should be like that. Not only specific times when we stop what we are doing and take time to pray, but also a more general sense of God’s presence with us all the time!

A kind of running dialogue in our minds with the ever-present Teacher, Father and Holy Spirit!

Students of Jesus learn to be like their Teacher. They constantly talk to God for He is with them always.

It is natural to converse with those we love. One true measure of the strength of any relationship is the desire to communicate.

As with any relationship, specific circumstances are the subject of conversation. It is the same in our relationship to God. We can talk about anything all the time, but when situations arise we naturally pray specifically about them.

Here Paul reminds the believers to pray for certain things. For Paul and his fellow-workers! For the message of Jesus to be received by others! For personal safety from those who might persecute them!

Sometimes we share our problems with our friends. We do so knowing they do not have the ability to change the situation. We simply find comfort in someone who is willing to listen because they are interested in our welfare

Our Heavenly Father not only cares for us and hears our prayers; He has the power to help us, to change things!

May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance.

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