Not a word we usually associate with the Teacher but it is a most apt description of Him.

Here Jesus retreated with His students, but the crowds sought them out. They weren’t invited on this little retreat, but…

He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.

It is almost impossible for the average person to meet important people. Powerful people are inaccessible! Except to their families and other important people of course!

Yet, amazingly the Creator of the Universe steps down to earth in the form of Jesus and is completely available to everyone. He’s easy to get to. Even for the poorest of the poor.

And when people crowd around Him – throng Him – He does not show the slightest annoyance. On the contrary, He’s welcoming!

It may have been a trying day. He may need rest. Nevertheless, Jesus always seems to find time to be warm and inviting.

Here He even provides the hospitality of a meal for more than 5,000 uninvited guests!

Students of Jesus take notice. Learn to see through the eyes of the Teacher. The importance of every person!

We learn from Him how to be welcoming too. Reachable. Approachable.

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