…and his disciples put their faith in him.

Here Jesus demonstrates He is more than just another religious teacher. He reveals His glory by turning water into wine.

No wonder His students are impressed and began to trust Him.

John calls the miracle of water into wine - the first of his miraculous signs.

Signs are key to understanding the message of the Book of John. In fact, the first few chapters are organized around several miraculous signs.

Each sign is followed by specific teachings.

Signs provide Divine Credentials for the Teacher. What He teaches is not only true because they are themselves credible truths. They are to be received because the trustworthiness of the Teacher is confirmed by the signs God empowers Him to do.

No wonder Jesus’ students put their trust in Him when they see the water turned to wine. They are not merely focused on the miracle, but on the Teacher who had power to do it.

Today, students of Jesus put their trust in Him for the same reasons. The signs of Jesus point us to His power and willingness to change our lives and alter our circumstances.
Who else but our Teacher has the power to change everything He touches?

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  1. Of all the miraculous signs Jesus does in his time on earth, this is really the simplest. Water is incredibly similar to wine.

    Compare that to curing leprosy, healing the deaf or blind or mute, raising the dead, casting out demons, calming a raging storm ... water to wine seems easy.

    Yet how many of us can do that? Not gallons and gallon - just grab a cup of water and see if you can turn it to wine. It doesn't just happen that way.

    Unless you are the creator, and the Son of God.

    Even as simple as this miracle is - it calls for the disciples to put their trust in Him. Why? Because no one else can do these things.

    The miracles then give proof that this Teacher is different than any other - and the disciples hang on His words.

    Like Denny wrote: They are not merely focused on the miracle, but on the Teacher who had power to do it.

    This gives credibility to WHO Jesus was then. It gives the same credibility today.

    How are we, then, at trsutsing His words and hanging on them?