May his place be deserted…May another take his place of leadership.

Judas could have been with the other eleven apostles, waiting for the promised Holy Spirit. Empowered to be one of the chosen witnesses of the Teacher!

Now another must take his place of leadership. But not just anyone!

Hearsay evidence is unacceptable. To be an apostle – a replacement for Judas – the person must be an eye-witness of Jesus. Someone who accompanied Jesus from the time of His baptism until the day of His ascension!

Therefore it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time… For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection.

Faith in Jesus is based on facts. Details, particulars, specifics, the whole story! And these can only be corroborated by those who actually saw and heard Jesus.

How do we know Jesus lived? How do we know what He said and did? How do we know He rose from the dead?

The same way we know anything about anyone in the past. Exactly the same way we know what Socrates said or what Napoleon did.

Why do we believe - have faith - that these two men existed and said or did anything when no person alive today heard or saw them?

The historical record! Contemporaneous accounts recorded by eye-witnesses!

This is how we believe what we do about Napoleon and Socrates.

And this is the same sure foundation upon which faith in Jesus rests today. Eye-witness accounts, recorded testimony on Jesus’ life and teaching by those who actually saw Him after His resurrection and gave their lives for their testimony!

Belief in Jesus is not BLIND FAITH!

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  1. Absolutely outstanding point, Denny. Eyewitness testimony is incredibly important - and we have that!

    However, how are we at being Jesus' witnesses today?

    It is important to know His story - His divinity, His life and teachings - His Gospel that opens salvation for all men!

    On the oter hand, if we are to be witnesses we need to be ready and willing to tell what difference the Teacher has made in our lives! For He is still active and alive and changing peoples lives today!