Every Day Savior

This story is really about Jesus. They all are. Yours. Mine. Joseph’s. Nevertheless, Matthew reveals what a good father Jesus would have growing up.

So here’s Joseph, trying to do the right thing, willing to protect Mary even when he mistakenly thinks she has broken his trust!

Feel it? Joseph’s world is literally caving in around him, but he keeps his head when most would be losing theirs. He doesn’t react out of a sense of wounded manhood or pride and anger.

Matthew says he took time to consider.

In the most embarrassing and hurtful time of his young life, Joseph is still listening for the voice of God. That’s why he is able to hear through the pain and allow God to change his life’s story and play a part in changing ours.

He takes Mary as his wife and names the child Jesus - Savior from sin!

I suppose most of us want to be saved from our sins. At least the penalty of them someday, if not the practice of them today!

This is where we might miss out. We may only see Jesus as a Savior who will be needed in the future. What to do in the meantime? Be a church member in good standing? Keep the fire insurance in force? See you next Sunday Jesus!

And yet…what about that thing the Teacher said about being with us always.

Does it really make sense that Jesus would give His life to save us from the future penalty of sin without saving us by His presence from the practice of sin? Not sinless but sinning less.

For many years I lived in faith that heaven would be my future home. Only recently I realized that though I was saved by the grace of Jesus, I hadn’t made much progress in becoming very much like Him.

Together with others, I learned our destiny is not only to be saved in heaven someday but to become more like Jesus now.
(Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18; I John 3:2)

Like the first disciples, we enter the University of Jesus. We become serious daily students of the Teacher. We don’t do this to secure our place in heaven. Only the blood of Jesus can do that. It’s about becoming who God predestined us to be.

We begin to practice the presence of the Teacher and seek His counsel. We cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He produces His fruit in our hearts, love, joy peace…

As students, we find Jesus to be an every day Savior. A living ever-present Teacher who is saving us from the persons we would become without Him!

In what ways are you moving beyond nominal church membership to a daily relationship with the Teacher?


  1. I am a sinner, and am no example to follow, but this is how I try to become closer to God.
    Daily prayer. Treating others well. Trying not to be judgemental, and to have more patience. Being more sympathetic to others, more understanding, kinder. Just a smile to strangers in passing.
    Also, and I'm sorry to carry on, but listening to gospel music when I'm grumpy or impatient has a very positive soothing effect. I like "Dallas Christian Sound". I like..."Yield not to Temptation", or "Have a Little Talk With Jesus", by Ray Walker. I know there are more contemporary, jazzier versions, but if you like congregational music, you might want to check these out.
    Thanks so much for starting this blog. This will be another way for me to build a daily working relationship with Jesus. Thank you.

  2. The Angel of the Lord informed Joseph "for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit."

    It seems that Joseph readily understood the concept of the Holy Spirit. I'm wondering how he came by this understanding. Are there OT reference to the Holy Spirit?

  3. Check out Isaiah 63:10,11 and Psalm 51:11. I think these are the only references that use the exact words,"Holy Spirit." Many references to the "Spirit of God" though - See the first one in Genesis 1:2.

  4. Wow - we got in late after flying all day - so this comment is a day late.

    An angel appears to Joseph. We read that so easily, as if it was normal. An ANGEL!!!! appeared to Joseph - in a dream. Have you ever had that happen?

    WHich got me to thinking - was this a normal thing? When was the last time we KNOW that an angel appeared to someone when they slept, Biblically speaking?

    Of the OT prophets, although they are not in chronological order, Malachi was probably the last of these. And the Lord spoke through him, but no mention of angels working for the Lord to speak through Malachi.

    Many Scholars place Zachariah between 520 and 480 BC, in which 1:8 he saw a vision during the night and 2:3. 3:1, 4:1 mention angels speaking to him.

    So Biblically we have 475 or so years between this happeing. This was not a normal thing. However, I suppose that when an Angel of the Lord appears to you and speaks to you, whether in a dream or not, there is absolutely no question that it is an Angel of the Lord, and you should listen to what he says to do, as Joseph does.

    A tale of two names: Jesus, Immanuel.

    Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua which means, The Lord Saves.

    Immanuel = God with us.

    The Lord saves, God is with us

    Who is able to save? God, who is now with us.


  5. That's good Kev. We listen to
    Jesus' voice. He is with us.