Our Teacher

To His students, out on a remote unnamed hillside, Jesus tells the truth about someone.

This someone is humble, sorrowful, and meek. He hungers and thirsts for God. He is merciful, pure in heart and a peacemaker. Insulted, falsely accused and persecuted - yet somehow joyous and glad!

Sound familiar?

Is the Teacher describing His own heart and life?

I think so.

This is Jesus!

It is His blessed life we should first see here.

The good news is this. His life isn’t exclusively for Him. The Teacher has students.

Every student’s destiny is to enjoy the same kind of life as they observe in their Teacher.

The blessed life is coming to us as we become more like the Teacher.

That’s right isn’t it? The Teacher’s life gets on the inside of ours. Our life mixed up with His!

His story becoming our life story too!

1 comment:

  1. After reading this I was thinking, “the key to this is verse 6, to hunger and thirst after righteousness, then the others should fall in line.” However, after reading and thinking some more, I have known some who hunger and thirst after righteousness that knew nothing of mercy or humility or meekness (such as the Pharisees.) Yet I have also known those who have loved mercy and peace yet skewed righteousness to try and achieve peace and mercy. So after further thought, I believe I need to work on them all, not just one thinking the rest will follow.

    What a masterful teacher!