Demon Possessed

We already read how the devil tried unsuccessfully to tempt Jesus to sin. Now Jesus again demonstrates His power over the devil by freeing two men from demon possession.

Isn’t this what we expect from one who comes to be the Savior of the world? He must be able to personally defeat the devil. And He must also be able to free others from the devil’s power.

I think this is the main truth Matthew wants us to see here.

This story raises many interesting questions, but I choose to focus on one of them: How were the demons able to recognize Jesus as the Son of God?

According to the Bible, the devil and his minions are still very active in this world. Regardless of how you choose to label it, there is a spiritual battle going on today, mostly unseen.

The battleground is the human heart.

There are two forces – known to each other - vying for human allegiance.

If our trust is in Jesus, we are assured of the power to overcome - Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

The flip side of that is if we give place in our hearts to the devil, he will gain a foothold. Take possession. Loot and destroy!

The devil’s desire is to make us less human, as graphically evidenced by the condition of the demon-possessed men in this story.

The devil wants to destroy the image of God within us. Jesus wants to save and nurture it.

The battle is on! God has given us the power to choose sides.


  1. I think if we could see the spiritual forces at work today among us we would be amazed.

  2. Ray, either amazed or scared stiff – as Daniel was in Dan 10!

    It’s interesting to me that the demons say to Jesus “What do you want with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?”

    Even the demons know who Jesus is and who has more power. The demons know and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he will overcome. They know they are destined to destruction and torture – and they shudder.

    I read an article once where the author said he had a “demonic faith in Jesus” – a faith where he believed, but he didn’t do anything about it – and lived however he wanted to. Wow – a demonic faith.

    Do we believe and thus follow Jesus?

    Or do we acknowledge Jesus yet don’t live as He has instructed us to live?