Are We Listening?

In this parable, the Teacher tells about a farmer scattering seed out in the field. The seeds fall into different soil conditions.

The resulting crop - or lack thereof - depends upon the ground!

Notice, in each case it was the same farmer sowing and the same seed sown. The only difference was what happened to the seed after it came into contact with the soil.

Some seeds never germinated. Some did but didn’t grow. Others grew but were choked by weeds. And still others grew and produced fruit.

When Jesus finished this garden story, He suddenly announced - He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Surprise! This story is about listening, not gardening!

The Teacher is talking about Himself, His message and how people receive it differently.

And He is clearly placing the responsibility for the results of His message on those who hear it!

Because He is always the Teacher!

His message is always the same!

And what He teaches will always produce the fruit of a changed life if it is properly received into our hearts!

Jesus is doing His part. This is the good news. Now the responsibility is all on the hearers!

Are we listening to the voice of the Teacher?

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  1. ONe thing I always think about with this parable is the not so desireable soil.

    When we lived in Neosho we had blackberries. We took samples of the dirt, and had it analysed to see what needed to be added to the soil to help the blackberries produce the best crop.

    How often do we analyse ourselves to see what we can add or take away from the soil of our hearts to produce a better crop for the Teacher?

    How can we cultivate some of the hearts around us to condition the soil to be more receptive to the seed.

    It's no surprise that Paul talks about planting and watering. May God give us increase!