Heavenly Family

Here Jesus gets down to the real purpose behind creation. Why God made us. But it is unexpected and seems implausible when we first hear it.

No, it’s not surprising that in some sense we belong to God. After all, we are His idea. The Mind of God conceived us.

But what surprises is the purpose for which God created us – to be in intimate relationship with Him. Not some passing acquaintance or even distant friendship – but to be an actual part of His Heavenly Family!

Here Jesus plainly announces it!

Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, "Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother.”

Jesus statement begs the question – Why?

Before the earth was formed and prior to our existence, God lived in relationship – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit! The Perfect Heavenly Family of God!
So why add to this perfection?

The full answer eludes us, but we know there is something in the very nature of God that loves and desires relationship. We first see this is the eternal dance of God.

Each of the Three vitally engaged in this loving and joyful relationship! Within in this Perfect Family flow all of the wonderful attributes of God which they share and enjoy!

The story of Jesus is the story of God bringing us home to live in this Family. Each of us together - with God our Father, Jesus our older Brother and the Holy Spirit completing the enlarging circle of Family.

Jesus says this Family is composed of those who do God’s Will. And the Teacher has come to lead His students into this Heavenly Family.


  1. It is so encouraging that not only are we part of God's family, but we because we are all His children we are also each other's family.

    God set up the perfect support system for Christians. We aren't merely "friends" with those we worship with, but we are brothers and sisters. Anywhere we go where there are followers of Christ we have an instant family. A family that is always concerned about our well being. Maybe our brothers and sisters will sometimes let us down (just like those in our physical family do), but our Father never will.

    Our earthly family is very limited in it's reach, but our Spiritual family is with us where ever we go. Isn't it amazing that God put us into this strong of a relationship with Himself and with one another? It is the perfect family.

  2. It is an awesome thing - the family of God.

    The church family around us can be such a comfort, especially when away from physical family - or when and if physical family is not encouraging to your faith.

    A taste of heaven - the church family. I just got back from a weekend where I spent with 400-500 members of my Alaskan church family. The fellowship was incredible. Reacquainted with some, met new, all because of the common bond of our Teacher! ANd I know I have many more brothers and sisters across the nation and world.

    And if the earethly family relationship between brothers and sisters in Christ is this encouraging... how much moreso heaven will be!

    By grace - I'll See you there!