While all the people were listening, Jesus said to his disciples…

Jesus only speaks to those who are listening. Who are they? His students of course!

Today it’s the same. Jesus is speaking to those who are willing to hear Him. It wasn’t easy then and it isn’t any easier today.

Messages vie for our attention everywhere we turn. Signage on the roadsides. Voices of those around us. Even our own busy thoughts of the day rise to drown out the voice of the Teacher.

And we even purposely choose much of the distracting and competing messages that bombard us. Television, computer screens, ipods…

To really listen to the Teacher requires shutting out the noise of our lives. Taking time – finding time – to hear the voice of the Teacher!

That’s what good students of Jesus do. Not only in special times set aside for that purpose, but even in the moments of our busy schedules.

Why do we do this? Because we have come to realize the value of the Teacher’s wisdom!

He is constantly available and always teaching.

Are we listening?

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  1. I wonder if we are more like the teachers of the law and pharisees or the poor woman.

    Do we desire to give all we have - whether that be monetarily, spiritually, through service, or humility?

    Do we enjoy places of honor and miss opportunities to serve or do good because we're so wrapped up in ourselves, or appearing righteous?

    Questions to ponder and take a serious look at ourselves.

    How would the teacher instruct us to change to be more like Him?