Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.

Here the Teacher is surrounded. He always is. Surrounded by those who either love Him or hate Him!

That’s why Jesus says some will be broken by Him and others crushed. Some hang on His every word. Others want to kill Him.

Little has changed. There are those who still seek His life. Nothing would make them happier than to have every reference to Jesus expunged from their culture.

Like those who sought His life long ago, today there is a growing sentiment that Jesus is the problem. They want Jesus to just go away so they can continue with their own misguided agenda.

Jesus reveals what will eventually happen to those who accept Him and to those who oppose Him.

Jesus either breaks or crushes.

And if His message breaks our hearts, He also has power to create in us a new one – more like His. That’s what being a student of Jesus is about. Hearing, mourning, breaking, turning, and in turn being healed and uplifted to be more like Him!

The Stone rolls on…

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  1. The teachers of the law were so blind. The pharisees so convinced of their own righteousness and blind to truth. How could they not see, and hear, and apply Jesus' teachings? Why only offended and never searching?

    Oh, wait... we do that occasionally as well. What teachings of Jesus challenge you?

    When we see something you don't understand or necessarily like, how do we deal with that? Do we justify our own thoughts and feelings in another direction? Or do we honestly listen, and try to understand?

    If our toes are stepped on, it could be we're standing in someone elses' spot (Gods.)