Get ready a detachment of two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen…

God provides 470 soldiers, cavalry and spearmen for Paul’s safe escort out of the city of Jerusalem. Away from the reach of the 40 assassins who have conspired to kill him!

The Bible is replete with stories of God’s rescue of his people. Noah from the flood, Moses from Pharaoh, David from Goliath, and Daniel from the lions!

Here Paul is saved from death. However, God’s protection has many forms. Sometimes even death is a kind of protection.

For those who believe in the resurrection, there are things worse than death. Jesus was not saved from death, though He prayed fervently to avoid the cross if it could be God’s Will.

But God’s protection is on the other side of death as well. Jesus found this to be true in His resurrection. A greater glory and blessedness for Him because of His cross!

And protection and rescue for every man, woman, boy and girl who believes in Jesus. God’s protection from the guilt of sin through the forgiveness made possible by Jesus’ death. And rescue from death by a promised resurrection.

We pray for God’s protection to spare our lives and it may be granted. Other times, God who knows our futures, allows our lives to end here on earth in order that we might be with Him. Doubtless all who die in faith awake to a state of bliss from which they would not wish to return.

God safeguards Paul’s life because he has important work to do. He must testify of Jesus before kings and rulers. Paul will spend the next few years in prison, but because of this he will have opportunities to speak of Jesus.

Students of Jesus believe in God’s protection!

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