Once safely on shore, we found out that the island was called Malta.

How fortunate for his sailing companions Paul was onboard. Sometimes one student of Jesus can make all the difference in the world!

Now just as God promised – and Paul relayed to them – none of the ship’s passengers or crew lost their lives.

They are thrust onto the Island of Malta. There they are received warmly by its inhabitants.

Publius, the chief official of the island… welcomed us to his home and for three days entertained us…

They wintered on the island for three months. Finally, they were able to board an Egyptian ship to Syracuse in Sicily. And from there to Italy!

There we found some brothers who invited us to spend a week with them. And so we came to Rome.

It has been nearly three years since Paul was arrested in Jerusalem. Now after numerous trials, waiting in prison and an incredible sea voyage, Paul reaches his destination.

It will be two more years before Paul’s case is heard and he is released. But his situation has changed for the better - When we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him.

Paul is granted greater freedom to live more normally. He will be able to receive company and share the Good News freely.

Paul’s life as a student of Jesus is every student’s narrative. Perhaps, his life seems more exciting and adventurous than most, but the theme is the same. God provides everything needed in every circumstance!

No situation arises in which we cannot fulfill our destiny to become more like Jesus and minster health and healing to those around us.

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