Hard To Believe

Who then can be saved?

Jesus standards are extremely high. In fact they represent perfection!

Thus the constant temptation of religion is to lower Jesus’ requirements to accommodate our actual performance.

If we manage to avoid this fraud, we find ourselves stuck in the inconsistency between what Jesus says and what we actually do.

No wonder students who take the Teacher seriously are sometimes tempted to question their salvation? Based solely on the standards of Jesus we are in trouble. It’s hard to believe we can make it!

The Teacher even says it - With man this is impossible!

He sets the bar as high as heaven itself. Nobody can approach God on the basis of performance.

So, like these first students, we throw up our hands in futility - Who then can be saved?

I love Jesus’ answer - But with God all things are possible!

What we can’t do, God doesn’t require of us. Rather, He does for us!

Jesus accomplished perfection. Therefore, He was qualified to pay for the sins of others. When He died on the cross, He wasn’t paying for any sins of His own.

So what are students to do with the high standards the Teacher has revealed?
Honestly acknowledge them! For He promises wonderful rewards to those who struggle with them as they imperfectly follow Him!
In the struggle, we must rest in His grace.

1 comment:

  1. What a wretched man I am!
    Who will rescue me from this body of death?
    Thanks be to God -
    Through Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom 7:24-25)

    perfection is the goal we strive for but cannot obtain on our own.

    The Teacher is the only way

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!

    song lyrics I was reminded of:
    "I got a couple dents in my fender
    a couple rips in my jeans
    try to keep the pices together, but perfection is my enemy
    On my own I'm so clumbsy,
    but on Your shoulders I can see
    I'm free to be me
    and You're free to be You."

    When we submit to Christ, and rely on his grace (on his shoulders)

    Although we're imperfect, He can be Him (our savior)

    And we can be us (imperfect, but forgiven)