No Fault Divorce

The Gotcha Guys are at it again. Setting a trap for the Teacher! This time on the subject of marriage and divorce!

These Pharisees permitted divorce for just about any reason. Much like the recent No Fault divorce laws! Here they hope to entangle Jesus in this sticky web.

Jesus is having none of it. He simply states the truth. God joins husband and wife in marriage and the union should not be broken by man.

Ouch! Just quote the Scripture when we’re looking for commentary – exceptions, loopholes!

They have one more appeal. Why then did Moses allow divorce? Jesus says because you’re too hard-hearted to keep the law.

Jesus then lays down some law of His own. He says marriage can be broken for one reason – fornication.

This is a very strict standard. Yes, the disciples thought so too - if this is the way it is, maybe it’s not a good idea to get married at all!

Jesus doesn’t back up. He simply says, not everyone can remain single. Some can. They are eunuchs from birth and some choose celibacy for the sake of the kingdom.

The Scripture is plain. So are our failures to keep God’s marriage laws perfectly. So what are we to do?

We may be tempted to lower the standard to make our choices legally acceptable.

But it’s better to humbly rely on the mercy of God for our failings in this regard. Just as we must do in all other areas where we fall short!
Remember, if we didn't need a Savior...Jesus needn't have come!

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  1. The "test" the Pharisees brought him in verse 3, I have heard, was to see who's side he was on. One school of religious thought allowed divorce for about any reason, another said only fornication. SO, would Jesus side with us or with them?

    Jesus made it very clear, He was on God's side. He took them back to the beginning - the design of mankind, and quoted God.

    The Pharisees bring up the "loophole" of Moses demanding a certificate of divorce. Maybe they thought scripture contradicted itself on this matter, and wondered if Jesus would follow the teachings of Moses.

    Jesus explains the situation - it was because of your hard hearts this was permitted.

    Again, the heart of the matter.
    Again, Jesus doesn't fall into their trap.
    Again, Jesus explains the meaning behind things.
    Again, Jesus tells them how to live and please God.

    Again, we should pay close attention to the Teacher!