Unholy Alliance

Frankly, I never saw it before. This unholy alliance between worry and pride! I know they hang out together, but didn’t realize they're so cozy!

Here James, John and their mother come to Jesus with a request. They want the two top positions in His kingdom. The power of authority!

Sounds like pride! But what fuels pride?

Could it be worry and anxiety? If so, what is this family worried about?

Perhaps if they occupy powerful positions, they won’t be anxious about their future economic security. Or maybe, they think once in the top spot everyone will be forced to recognize their valuable contributions to the cause.

Anxiety and pride work together. Anxiety motivates our fears and pride answers.

Are we worried people won’t give us the credit we deserve? Make sure they know - boast!

Anxious about the future? Make sure we are in control – assume supremacy!

Have anxiety about some inadequacy? Put up a false bravado to mask it!

Worry and anxiety usually spur us to prideful thoughts and actions, calculated to get what we fear will elude us.

It’s amazing how often anxiety and pride conspire in our hearts to keep us from relying on God for security.

How do we break up this unholy alliance?

By humbly choosing a greater trust in God to provide everything we truly need.

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