Royal Arrival

Jesus’ approach to Jerusalem isn’t what one would expect from royalty. The enthusiastic, adoring crowds, yes! But donkey riding?

This unorthodox royal arrival should have alerted people to the fact they weren’t going to get what they expected from this King. And they didn’t!

But for now they were shouting – Hosanna to the Son of David!Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!

In a few short days, some of them would be standing in another crowd nearby, shouting – Crucify Him, crucify Him!

What happened? Jesus won't assume control of the city. Throw off Roman occupation. Usher in a golden era of peace and economic prosperity!

No, Jesus has another agenda. One more compatible with his humble arrival to the city! Instead of gold, His crown will be thorns. In place of a throne, He will rule from a cross!

Today many are still only welcoming Jesus on their own terms. Filled with false expectations that He will fulfill their earth-centered dreams of success!

Today the world still cheers Jesus when He is presented as Savior like that. Churches are filled by this method! But tell them what Jesus really desires to do in their hearts...

Don’t get caught up in the crowd! The crowd always misses the meaning of the Royal Arrival – Jesus comes to rule and reign in our hearts!

The student when fully trained will be like his Teacher.

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