He Asked For It!

I stopped giving advice years ago. Went out of the business! Nobody seemed to appreciate my unsolicited two cents worth! Not even the few who actually asked for it!

It finally dawned on me. Most of us only ask for advice hoping to confirm what we already plan to do!

That’s ok, but here we learn not to come to the Teacher for guidance without a willingness to do what He suggests.

We see an eager young man coming to Jesus for counsel. He probably has some plan of his own already worked out, but he gets more than he bargained for. Remember, he asked for it!

He began by asking what good thing he could do to inherit eternal life. Jesus told him to keep the commandments. No problem so far! Why? Because that advice conformed to his own idea about it!

Why didn’t he accept Jesus’ answer and be content? I’m not sure. Perhaps he hoped to impress Jesus. Or maybe he genuinely wanted to better himself in his own way, by adding to his merit badge collection!

For whatever reason, the young man presses! Teacher, I already do all that! What more can I do?

Jesus lets him have it right between the eyes – If you would be perfect - sell your possessions and give to the poor! Oh my!

I think the young man was stunned. We know he went away sorrowfully. He wasn’t expecting anything like that. Who said anything about perfect!

What happened? The young man asked for it. And he got it! But he didn’t get the message!

Do you think he ever figured it out? His need for grace, I mean?

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  1. I wonder how many of us would be brazen enough to even ask: What more can I do?

    From time to time, many of us are content and satisfied with where we are and what we do - we have our own checklists, church attendance, living better lives than most worldly people around us, etc... (unfortunately we [I]somtimes compare self with the wrong people - the world instead of Christ)

    Would we be bold enough to ask, "What more can i do?"

    Furthermore, If we did, what would the Teacher say to us?
    What's your weakness? Because I imagine that's what he'd point out that needs fixing. Are we ready to fix those things? That sinful habit your addicted to - would you quit?

    Gluttony, self righteousness, gossip, slander, complacency, material wealth (yes, even in economic hard times we are more blessed than 95% of the world) lust of the flesh, pride, not doing what we know we should, habits that harm the body, selfishness, ...

    What in your life do you harbor that if Jesus pointed out, you would go away sorrowful?

    My hope is that the young man did figure it out.

    Grace - absolutely.

    But also the fact that he can do better, try harder, follow closer - the example of Christ.

    That's my hope for myself, too.