Many of the people Jesus heals are anonymous. But here we know the name of the blind man from Jericho.

There was nothing wrong with his voice though. He begins to cry out when Jesus passes nearby. And he won’t stop, even when everyone tells him to be quiet.

Bartimaeus may have been blind but that didn’t prevent him from seeing what some did not. Through eyes of faith he saw the compassion and power of Jesus.

The Teacher says so –
Go your way, your faith has made you whole.

Very often Jesus gave sight to the blind. It was an act of love, but it was also a sign.

Jesus comes to give sight. Not just to Bartimaeus and others like him. But to those who are spiritually blind.

This is the work of the Teacher. He gives the light of God to those in darkness!

Bartimaeus has faith Jesus can restore his sight. And more! This man believes this powerful Teacher will lead him to God.

Look what he does. Where he goes as soon as he receives the gift of sight!

He follows Jesus.

There is more he wants to see.

Students of the Teacher also see what blind Bartimaeus saw. We too want to follow Jesus and see God more clearly every day.

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  1. I admire the enthusiasm of Bartimaeus. He calls out and won't stop. He throws his coat and jumps to his feet. He knows what he wants and knows where to receive it. He then doesn't go home to see his mom, dad, siblings... he follows Jesus.

    Do we have the faith of Bartimaeus?

    Are we not only willing,
    but enthusiastic about following Jesus?

    What a great example.