Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey…

Exactly as this prophecy from Zechariah predicted, Jesus is riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

No limo! No golden chariot and white horses!

And why not? Jesus is ushering in a Kingdom that will be very different from what those in the crowd are expecting.

Not what His best students hope for either. Haven’t James and John recently asked for thrones on His right and left?

Jesus told them they didn’t know what they’re asking! They are thinking thrones of gold. Jesus is thinking wooden!

When Jesus goes to the cross, it is two unknown thieves who take the positions on the right and on the left!

Jesus’ reality is a cross. But as Jesus rides into Jerusalem that day all are hoping for earthly glory.

However, their mistaken ideas don’t detract from His triumphal entry. It is never our perceptions, but what Jesus thinks and does that is important.

Today Jesus’ expectant students long for the return of their King. His final triumphal entry! Ushering in glorious changes!

In reality, hasn’t this has already started. Jesus has come. He reigns in our hearts.

Because Jesus is here, we are already a new creation. Being changed day by day to be more like Him!

We look forward to the completion of His work in us. And for now we sing as they did that day - Hosanna in the highest!

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  1. Very good thoughts how our misconceptions don't deter Jesus from His plan and Purpose.

    Jesus knew all along.

    Yet when He wasn't living up to the people's desires they turned on him, and very likely some who put their cloaks on the road shortly thereafter were crying "Crucify."

    What do we do when the Teacher's plan isn't how we perceived it to be? When life doesn't play out the way we thought. Do we follow and trust, or do we turn?

    Oh, we may not cry "crucify" - yet do we follow Him, or do we follow self and our own desires?