Ok, here's where the numbers enrolled in the University of Jesus could drop off! Because it isn’t fashionable to talk about hell. I guess the Teacher should be more concerned with political correctness!

He isn’t! He more concerned with reality!

Here the Teacher warns not once, but three times about going to hell.

According to Jesus, hell is a real possibility for some!

We may not like it, but it makes sense. If Jesus came to save us, there must be some danger from which we must be saved.

There is a hell to avoid and a heaven to gain!

This is what makes the good news so good! Jesus dies for our sins so we live eternally with Him instead.

He saves us from this penalty of sin by His death. Then as our Teacher, He helps us to substantially overcome sin in our lives even now! We can actually become more like Him!

And more good news from the Teacher - rewards await those who serve His cause.

I tell you the truth; anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.

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  1. Could "Everythone will be salted with fire" be a fourth? What exactly does that statement mean?

    Is it that those in hell will be salted by fire?

    Or that those who follow will be tested and be salted by the fires of suffering, persecutions, purification, etc...

    Yetserdays' reading mentioned an arguement abiyt who was the greatest.

    Todays discourse was prompted by asking about someone else who wasn't one of them yet was doing things in Jesus' name. Interesting to me that he ends this with "be at peace with each other."

    Seems their pride was getting in the way.
    Who's the greatest?
    Hey - you aren't one of US!

    Be at peace with one another.
    Stop your squabbling.
    If your pride causes you to sin... cut it out!

    Do we live at peace?
    Or do we claim to be the greatest?

    Do we exclude some from our fellowship because "they aren't part of us!" ?

    The Teacher says:
    "For whoever is not against us is for us."

    How are we at being at peace with one another?