My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

Jesus clears the temple. He drove out those buying and selling - overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

Quite a disruption at church that day. Though not as chaotic as the flea-market atmosphere continually created by money changers and animals.

In Jerusalem, the temple was open for prayer every day at any time. Traditionally, those living nearby came to pray at least three times each day.

Today, Christian churches in many countries are still open for prayer. It is impressive to see people quietly trickle in and out throughout the day. Each motivated by unique spiritual impulses to seek a quiet place to intone God's blessing!

In America, most churches are closed except for appointed worship times. Few remain open for daily prayer.

Perhaps this reflects an understanding that we should now pray anywhere at any time. We are the temple of God. He dwells within our hearts.

True, but we might need to do what Jesus did that day in the temple. Interrupt and upset our commercial preoccupations! Disturb what we’re doing to make room for prayer.
Students of Jesus learn from this example of their Teacher to purposefully and forcefully push back! Creating an atmosphere more agreeable to prayer!

Got prayer time?


  1. Thanks for emphasizng prayer here!

    But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. Luke 5:16

    Whether it was at the temple, in a garden, or on a mountain - Jesus prayed. It was his custom after dinner to go to the garden to pray.

    Jesus empasize here that the Temple was to be a "house of prayer."

    God has always wanted a relationship with his people. He always will. And comminucation is part of any relationship. He's always there, He has given us His word, and He has given us His Spirit. Now He waits for us to talk to Him.

    What a priviledge...

    How often do we take advantage of this great opportunity to speak with the God of the universe?

  2. Kevin,
    I know I'm not the only one who
    appreciates the thoughtful additions
    you bring to this site.
    And your obvious enthusiasm to influence
    all our hearts to be more devoted to the Teacher.

  3. Thanks.
    Right back at you!
    I appreciate you setting this up for us!

  4. Actually thanks to Tasha Schriever
    for setting this up. She takes care
    of the postings.