Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again...

Why does Paul write? He is in relationship with these new Christians and desires to communicate with them any way he can! If he can’t be with them in person, he writes a letter!

Communication is the essence of relationship. Proof of love, care and concern! Without it, there is no living connection.

Sometimes people speak of a personal relationship with Jesus, but few can explain what this these words actually mean.

Some think they have a relationship with Jesus because they pray to Him for forgiveness. Others may think they have a personal relationship with Jesus because they go to church.

Going to church and believing Jesus is the Savior does not necessarily lead to a close personal relationship with Him.

Praying on Sunday at church is fine, but what about all the other days in the week? See you next Sunday, Jesus!
Is it possible to have a personal relationship with Jesus only one day in the week?

Students of Jesus are in close contact with the Teacher. They are developing the discipline of awareness of His presence! They seek to be in personal moment-by-moment dialogue with Him.

Each moment of every day the relationship renews as every experience is shared with the Teacher. In real-time communication! Not only in church, at meals or before sleep at night!

The more a student pays attention to the Teacher, the closer the relationship becomes as positive changes create greater desire for more communication. In this dynamic personal relationship, students are changed to become more like the Teacher.

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