This letter is one of the most enjoyable to read in all of the New Testament. It is filled with so much hope and gratitude.

No wonder! Paul is in high spirits! Good news has just arrived about the faithfulness of the fledgling church in Thessalonica.

From the book of Acts we learn Paul only preaches in the city of Thessalonica for three weeks, then flees for safety. Traveling on, Paul didn't know what was happening to those he left behind.

Did they succumb to the pressures of persecution and give up?

In Corinth, Paul finally receives a positive report from Timothy. His short time in Thessalonica produces surprising results! The church had not only survives but thrives.

Paul immediately sits down and pens this letter in a relieved and grateful state of mind. One can feel Paul's joy as he writes this happy letter.

This letter is very personal. We look inside Paul’s heart. Why does he do what he does, going from place to place teaching about Jesus?

Paul is a premier student of Jesus. His obsession? Making new students for Jesus.

Why? Because Jesus not only died for the sins of the world, Jesus rose from the dead. Paul serves a living Teacher!

And as he explains in this letter, Jesus will return to earth. There will be an end to things as they are now. Those who believe in Jesus and are faithful to Him will be with Him forever.

Paul can almost see the final resurrection day, when he will happily stand before Jesus with these Christians from Thessalonica! His time in Thessalonica is not lost. His work is not in vain.
We can see the smile on Paul's face as he writes, because he can see the smile of approval on the face of the Teacher he seeks to please!

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