Live in peace with each other.

Peace with God, peace within and peace between people! What is more important than peace? Every good thing is possible only in peace.

Jesus is called the Prince of Peace, because He alone can create peace in all of these areas of life.

He is our peace with God. He makes this peace by His death on the cross in our place. Paying for our sins!

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, God forgives all who trust in Him. Forgiven by God we enjoy a clean conscience before Him. Inner peace!

At peace with God and peaceful in our souls, we make peace with others. If we receive the peace of Jesus, we freely give what we have been given. We do everything to live in peace with everyone else.

Paul gives some very practical advice about how to keep the peace in all our relationships.

First, he counsels respect for our spiritual leaders. If everyone is doing their own thing without regard for those God has appointed as leaders, chaos – not peace – is the result.

Paul encourages a strong work ethic. Staying busy occupies the mind and body productively and effectively removes many temptations and troubles between people.

Paul advises help and encouragement toward the weak. And patience with everyone! He also warns against the tendency to get even when someone wrongs us.

In these ways, a student of Jesus becomes more like the Teacher - a peacemaker! Making peace is how Jesus lives. Only following Him makes this kind of life possible for us!

Always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.

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