This second letter to the church in Thessalonica is very similar to the first one.

It commends the believers’ perseverance under persecution and teaches about the Second Coming of Jesus.

Since the content is similar to the first letter, it is generally thought to have been written a short time after the first. Probably while Paul was still in Corinth about 50 A.D.

It is natural for any dynamic group of believers to have questions about many things, as well as problems. But this is especially true of a new fellowship. So it is not unusual the relatively young church in Thessalonica would have issues Paul needed to address.

This letter is filled with encouragement to continue to follow Jesus as well as correction about some false ideas.

Paul is a good student of Jesus. Remember how Jesus explained many things to His disciples when He was present with them? But no more so than in the hours before His death!
This was because He knew His departure would alter His relationship with them. He would be physically separated from them.

Here Paul is in a similar situation, having been forced to leave Thessalonica because of death threats. And like Jesus, Paul has a strong desire to communicate the truths they need to survive in his absence.

No doubt, Paul would prefer to speak face to face with them about the problems he has heard about in the church there. Unable to do so, he writes a second letter to clear up some misunderstandings that have developed.

There are four themes in the letter:

1. Commendation for the progress in faith they have made.
2. Encouragement to continue in the face of persecution.
3. Correction of certain behavior arising from false ideas about Jesus’
immediate return.
4. Instruction about the true nature and time of Jesus’ return.

The overall thrust is to establish the church on a more firm foundation.

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