We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers.

Paul’s predominate emotion is gratitude. Thankfulness to God and gratefulness for the faith of the believers in Thessalonica!

When persecution forces Paul to flee the city after only three weeks, he could not be surprised if the believers give up their new-found faith. Instead, Paul is relieved and happy to hear they stand firm in the face of fear!

They do more than hang on to their faith, they grow spiritually. Paul mentions three things about their spiritual condition for which he is thankful:
1. Faith produces works
2. Love prompts labor
3. Hope in Jesus inspires endurance
Real faith changes behavior. Trusting in Jesus leads students of the Teacher to change their guiding principles for life.

The world says - Live for today as if there will be no tomorrow! Jesus says – Live for today as if there will be no end to the tomorrows!

Faith changes the way the Christians in Thessalonica live their lives. Their behavior reflects a mind-set of faith – not only in tomorrow – but in an eternity of tomorrows!

Faith empowers them to say no to the sinful pleasures of their past way of life and to say yes to the new life of seeking to please Jesus.

Real love produces changes also. Love for Jesus seeks to please Him. And when the love of Jesus fills one’s heart, it spills over into loving actions toward others, behaviors inexplicable to those without such love.

And real hope of a future resurrection and life eternal leads to a lifestyle that seems extravagantly wasteful to those who cannot see beyond today.

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