I have spoken openly to the world…I said nothing in secret!

Isn’t it refreshing?

Our Teacher has no hidden agenda. No secret society. What He says He says to all!

The religious leaders couldn’t understand this, because it wasn’t how they conducted themselves.

Sure, they appeared in public, even taught the people. But their secret deliberations would have revealed thoughts and plans they didn’t want the people to know.

That’s why they question Jesus about His followers and about His teaching. They are sure Jesus is hiding something. Some secret plan and they want to know what it is!

Jesus simply tells them His life-giving message is for everyone in the world. There are no special requirements to be His student. Only a willingness to listen and follow Him!

One of the officials strikes Him on the face. They don’t like His answers.

"If I said something wrong," Jesus replied, "testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?".

Exactly! They hit Him because they couldn’t find anything wrong with His teaching. They don’t trust the people, and they don’t believe that an intelligent person like Jesus does either. He can’t be as open as He appears to be.

That’s because they are not who they appear to be. They mistakenly think Jesus is as conniving and secretive as they. He who looks for someone hiding behind a door must have stood there once himself!

But the Teacher is an open book. The Word became flesh. He came to die for sin and call us to be His students. It’s No Secret.

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