Aha Moment!

It’s a turning point in Peter’s life. In an Aha! moment the truth about Jesus finally sinks in - You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!

This change of heart leads to a turning point in Jesus’ relationship with his students. From this point forward, Jesus talks frankly with them about His impending death and resurrection.

Of course, they don’t comprehend what He means until – in another Aha! moment - Jesus appears to them after His resurrection.

For now, He says - I will build my church.

Google it! Thousands of pages about the church! What is it? How can we identify it?

I still like the explanation contained in the little Sunday School rhyme, complete with hand movements:

Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple

Open the doors, See all the People!

The church is people! The ones who’ve had an Aha! moment – Jesus is the Son of God!

This is the Rock Jesus is talking about. A foundation of faith in the heart! The turning point that changes everything!

So the church Jesus is building is neither a building nor a set of teachings! It’s His students!

Later He will tell them, Go make students of all nations, baptizing them…

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  1. Who do YOU say that he is?

    In the confession that Jesus is the Christ - the son of God - we are saying, you are the promised one. Promised one what? The promised King who would come and reign on david's throne.

    Now, to call someone a King - implies royalty. The promised King would be the King of the Jews - of which Peter was. Peter was saying, "you, Jesus, are the King of the Jews which makes me your subject, your servant."

    So when we say "I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" We are making a similar statement: Jesus - you are the King, and I - I am your subject. Which makes Jesus Lord and Christ.

    Happy servanthood!