Mountain Movers

The Teacher says - A little faith can move a mountain. He even says - Nothing will be impossible for you.

I confess sometimes I don’t get what the Teacher is talking about. Mustard seeds and moving mountains!

Doesn’t describe my life! My faith! I guess I’m not much of a Mountain-Mover! Maybe I could start with mole-hills and work up!

The words of an old song express my weaker faith –

Lord don’t move that mountain. Give me strength to climb it. Please don’t
move that troublesome mount. Lead me Lord around it!

The lyrics of the song make sense to me. Instead of asking to move the mountain, I ask God to help me deal with it, overcome it, get around it. What’s wrong with that?

Maybe it shows a lack of faith. And a waste of effort if a little faith would move it right out of the way!

I have a question: Does the Teacher really believe a little mustard-seed-kind-of-faith will move a mountain?

Sorry. I know they say there are no dumb questions, but that was close! Of course! Jesus has that kind of faith and He seems to think His students should too.

So here’s the real question: Is mustard seed faith possible for us?
Maybe not if we haven’t even begun to believe what the Teacher says about it!

1 comment:

  1. Move a mountain! They couldn't even drive out a demon. Maybe the mountain moving is an exaggeration to express how little faith they had - and maybe not - maybe that explanation is a cop-out to mustard seed faith.

    And why would a mountain need to move?

    On the other hand, people were suffering (the little boy in this case) and they didn't have enough faith to help.

    What have we missed out on,
    because of a lack of faith?

    What blessings have others missed out on, because of our lack of faith?

    If we don't have the faith to step out and serve,
    neither ourselves nor others will be blessed.

    Lord, help me in my unbelief!

    "They say, that I can move the mountains
    and send them crashing to the sea
    They say, that I can walk on water
    if I would follow and believe,
    with faith like a child."
    Song by Jars of Clay