I Doubt It

Things are not working out like he planned. John is in serious trouble. In fact, he’s in prison.

Is it any wonder doubt creeps into his mind?

So he sends two of his friends to Jesus with a question: Are you really the One?

I don’t blame John. I’ve been there. Perhaps, we all have.

Jesus doesn’t blame him either.

He doesn’t say - John, how can you possibly doubt me? Remember what God told you about me? Remember when you baptized me? You were so sure then. What’s wrong with you now?

No, the teacher understands it’s our nature to doubt when things aren’t going well in our lives. In fact, He goes on to say that as far as He’s concerned nobody is greater than John!

Jesus doesn’t condemn him for his doubts. Instead, He gives a gentle message of assurance - simply go tell John everything you have heard and seen me do. The evidence will speak for itself.

Is Jesus really our Savior? In the bad times we may be tempted to doubt it.

That’s ok with Jesus, I think. At least as long as we do what John did. Seek the answer to our questions from the Teacher Himself.

When we do, like John, we will receive the gentle answer we need to renew our trust in Him.

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  1. Great story. And comforting. If we're honest, I think we'll all admit we've been there. Not only was John sure before, he lept in his mother's woumb when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, entered the room. (Luke 1:41)

    And how does Jesus reassure - check out what's going on: Jesus reassures John not with doctrine or quotations -but with words of comfort for those God has always had a heart for "the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor."

    Jesus again proves who He is by His actions.

    If we are Jesus' people, and the world around us wants reassurance that we truly are His people, how will we prove it?