You Feed Them

When Jesus heard about John’s death, He tried to be alone. Not a chance! Yet, He had compassion on the crowds that found Him and He healed their sick.

Soon it was late and they were all hungry. Jesus’ students had a solution – Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food.

A reasonable suggestion which Jesus promptly rejected with these words - They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat!

My first thought would have been - Impossible!

But when Jesus said the people didn’t need to go away, it was another way of saying - with God all things are possible!

And yet, here’s our problem. There’s a big difference between believing God can do something and trusting that God will do it.

One is purely hypothetical! The other is living faith. Such a faith tells 5,000 people to sit down on the grass and get ready to eat when there are only five loaves and two fishes!

And isn’t it remarkable Jesus tells his students – You feed them! How does that work? What did the Teacher want them to learn?

It started with giving Jesus what they had. In this case a few loaves and fishes. It ended with food for 5000 in their hands.

Did you notice the students actually fed the people just as the Teacher commanded?

When it seems impossible, trust God will, and place what you have into Jesus’ hands.

1 comment:

  1. Ever wonder how big the fish were? Or the loaves?

    Ever wonder how big the baskets were?

    It sure seems like they have more left over, after all the people have eaten to satisfaction, than what they started with.

    When we do give Jesus what we have and trust Him to come through for us, this is normally what happens - we will exceed our greatest expectations.