Foreign Classic

This is not an easy storyline. It doesn’t seem to fit in with all the others. Starting with the fact Jesus is in Phoenicia!

It’s still about another desperate person! But this woman seems to be all wrong for the part - wrong ethnically and religiously!

And even Jesus seems cast differently at first. Uncharacteristically, He seems to be playing along with the prevailing cultural stereotypes as He interacts with this Canaanite woman.

But don’t forget. Jesus purposely went into her country. He’s directing this foreign classic on purpose and for a purpose.

I’m no critic, but I think the Teacher wants to explore some familiar themes in a new context. Permit us see something from a different angle in the interplay between Himself and this foreigner - her and the disciples.

It’s about persistence in over-coming barriers. It is also about being patient in ministry with difficult people.

The main topic?

Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.
In fact, we absolutely must see it now. Anyone anywhere can come to Jesus by faith!

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  1. And who was the lesson for?

    Later, after his death, burial, resurrection and ascension, His disciples - all Jews - would take the message to the Gentiles.

    Maybe it was to teach them, yet we as well can find meaning.

    Who are the "gentiles" today? Spiritually, we Christians are the people of God. So the non-christians would be the spiritual "Gentiles"

    So - who do you have a hard time reaching out to? The prostitutes, drunkards, child abusers, sex offenders, thievs, murderers, homoseuals, that guy down the street that is rude, crude, and doesn't shower regularly? All of those can come to Jesus - by faith - but to have faith, they have to hear - and to hear - someone has to teach them (See Rom 10:12-15)

    Who do you need to reach out to?