Guardian Angel

What about it? Did you have one when you were a kid? I didn’t! One wasn’t enough to keep me out of trouble!

Probably had several working in shifts!

Yes, there are ministering angels – for kids and adults. Although I don’t pretend to know their complete job description!

Anyway, here the Teacher is focusing on children. He’s calling attention to the one of their natural attributes - Humility.

He’s right. Ever hear a four-year-old brag? Hope not. It usually takes a few more years hanging around adults before kids learn how.

Of course, that’s the Teacher’s point. Adults are silly when they seek greatness other than through humility. They miss the kingdom!

I think the Teacher also wants us to think about how adults get that way. They were humble children once. What happened? Some proud grown-ups in their world impacted their lives and not in a good way.

Jesus is saying, look out! Pay attention to what you are doing to these impressionable little children. Be careful not to lead them in the wrong way!

Cut off your hand, gouge out your eyes! Whatever it takes to be a good influence on the children in your life! They are that significant!

Because their angels always behold the face of my Father!

1 comment:

  1. It's a fact - our behavior impactsw those around us.

    For those of us blessed with children, we influence no one more than our children.

    The watch and learn and in spite of our weaknesses, want to be like us!

    As well, we all have othes who are not our children who look up to us for one reason or another.

    Our example always teachers - whether good or bad.

    Therefore, Matt 18:6 always scared me. My prayer for years was that my sin would not negatively effect anyone around me. Too bad that isn't quite possible.

    We would be wise to heed the warnings, and try harder every day to live the good example in every way we can.

    Very humbling thoughts today.