Repent Anyone?

Then Jesus began to denounce the cities in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent.

I don’t get it! How could they fail to repent? Jesus was teaching and working miracles right there in their own hometowns!

Jesus mentions three towns by name - Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum. Why did Jesus single them out?

The people of Korazin probably heard the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus healed a blind man and fed the 5,000 at Bethsaida. Capernaum saw Jesus perform many miracles.

In the very presence and power of Jesus and still they didn’t repent!

Jesus says the people of Sodom will be better off in the Judgment than they will be!

What would Jesus say about this generation? My hometown! Me?

Sobering really, because we have some advantages they didn’t. We know much more about Jesus!
What was it about them He condemned?
Oh yeah, they didn't repent.


  1. Listen to wisdom.

    Wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom.
    Though it cost you all you have,
    get understanding.
    Prov 4:7

    And wisdom is proved right how? By her actions.

    The fool is also known by his actions.

    We played the flute for you
    You did not dance
    We sang a dirg
    You did not mourn

    John the baptist – crazy demon possessed guy
    Jesus – glutton drunkard, friend of sinners.

    They see mircles that astound. People know Jesus is from God because only someone from God could do the things He did. (Nicodemus stated this in John 3:2.) Yet they saw His good deeds and didn’t repent when He preached.

    Some people are never happy.
    They will complain about everything.
    Matt 11:16-19)
    Some people wil see and be amazed,
    But won’t let it effect their lives
    (Matt 11:20-24)

    Both of the above prove their foolishness by their actions.

    Which are we? The wise? Or the foolish?

    Our actions will prove!

  2. This is a rather sobering topic, but it's all too real in our world today. In my experience, the main reason people today (especiallly people in my generation) won't become Christians is because they REFUSE to turn away from sin. I know that that's what kept me from seeking Jesus for a long time, until He pulled me out by the collar and made me see that all that I was living for was futile and evil. I praise Him for doing this, but I am still a pretty weak student and have a long way to go. That's why I encourage anyone who is not yet in Christ to give your life to Him. He won't let you down. Just trust in Him, and die to yourself.