Requiem For John

Matthew doesn’t record what Jesus said when He heard the news of John’s death. Only that He withdrew to a solitary place.

We aren’t privy to Jesus’ thoughts. We don’t have the eulogy John’s disciples gave at his burial. Nor do we know John’s final wishes.

We suspect a man who wore camel’s hair and leather wouldn’t care much for a big funeral. And as blunt as John was, we’re fairly certain he wouldn’t want a lot of flowery speeches. But we might safely say:

The angel Gabriel announced his birth! John was a miracle baby, the son of a priest. His mother Elizabeth and Jesus’ mother were cousins. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from birth. He was a prophet. His special mission was to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus! He had a very successful ministry. His name became a household word. Thousands repented at his preaching! He baptized our Lord! Jesus once alleged that nobody who ever lived was greater than John! He was fearless! He confronted religious leaders and called them to repentance. He preached repentance to a king. Yet, he was human. He had his moments of doubt. But he took his questions to Jesus and died in faith and for his faith. John has gone to his well-deserved reward!

Maybe these thoughts were in Jesus’ mind as He reflected on the wonderful and impactful life of His boyhood friend - this Elijah of God!

Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us footprints in the sands of time…


  1. John lived such a wonderfully good life. He is an inspiration to me and a challenge. Makes me think about my life.

  2. I can't imagine this was a good day for Jesus. Not that I think he might have mourned as we tend to mourn - even if we believe that because of Jesus' sacrifice and their faith we will see the deceased again - I don't know if Jesus mourned at all over John's death. except - we do know Jesus was not only 100% God but also 100% human - so emotions of not seeing John again on this earth might have weighed on Jesus some.

    I imagine that this day and the news about John would remind Jesus of His ultimate fate. This was a shadow of things to come for Him.

    Standing up for the truth cost John his life.
    Jesus knew He too would stand up for truth
    - as well, he knew what it would cost him.

    And yet, while he wanted solitude - and sought a lonely place, the crowds followed - and Jesus - the Teacher - didn't ignor their needs. Tired, emotional, possibly considering his own future, Jesus sees the crowd, has compassion on them, and heals their sick. Selfless.